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Marseilletvål i kub, Palm, Compagnie de Provence - 150g
Marseillesoap in cube, Palm, Compagnie de Provence, 150g

The classic Marseille soap in cube, air dried by the Mistral wind. The soap consists of 72% vegetable oils.

Delivery 12 pc/package.

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Svamp ifrån havet, stor
Natural Sea Sponge - Large

Sea sponge from the ocean! It is recommended that you use it in combination with the shower gel for a foamy and luxurious shower experience.

Delivery 12 pc/package.

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Tvålflingor, Savon de Marseille, Maison
Soap Flakes, Savon de Marseille, Home, 350g

Soap flakes that can be used in a number of ways!

Delivery 6 pc/package.

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